Spot Reklaam is an advertising agency offering a full service.

We can help you create design solutions and advertising materials, furthermore, assist you with campaign organization.


Outdoor Advertising

• Stickers
• PVC Banners
• Information panels
• Trailer advertising
• Constructions

Light Advertising

• Illuminated letters
• Lightboxes
• LED Solutions
• Mounting and service

Indoor Advertising

• Stickers
• Print
• LED Solutions
• Moulded letters
• Roll-Up

CNC cutting

• Aluminum
• Wood
• Plastic

Full service solutions

• Campaigns
• Design and style

transport service

• Load capacity max 3t, box sizes 4x2m, crane lifting capacity of 1.5t.




Spot Reklaam OÜ
Tel/fax +372 6 048 800
Mob. +372 56 945 400
Aadress: Vanapere 5, Pringi küla, Viimsi

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